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Evaluation in Developing Countries: (Summer 2011 Professional Development Workshops Series of Claremont Graduate University)

United States
22nd August, 2011
Event City: 
Location: Claremont Graduate University, Ron W. Burkle Family Building, 1021 N. Dartmouth Ave, Claremont, CA 91711.

Facilitators:  Zenda Ofir??

Evaluators working in developing countries carries a major responsibility to ensure that they not only ‘do no harm’, but that their evaluation practice supports ‘real’ development on a micro, meso and/or macro scale. Those working in such situations need to be clear about their values towards development work and these values should reflect into their evaluation practices as well.
This workshop with an aims to move beyond technical issues in evaluation, intends to explore the broader implications for evaluation specialists working with, and in, developing countries. Beginning with an exploration of different schools of thought around development and and their influence on evaluation practice, the  workshop will focus on:

  • What and who have been shaping evaluation in developing countries, and what this means for development
  • What are the most prominent current issues and trends in development evaluation? What are some of the main challenges - and possible solutions - development evaluators face in practice
  • Where to find useful references to deepen their understanding of these issues..

This workshop is aimed at evaluation specialists who are interested in working in international Development evaluation, as well as those more established and want to think afresh about how best to contribute to a better world through evaluation (

Organization Responsible for the Event:    Claremont Graduate University, California, USA

Workshop/Event Fee:

Professional:     $75
Students:          $50

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