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IPDET Mini-Series 2020

A series of seven online events organised by The International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET).

23rd June, 2020 to 10th November, 2020
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June 23rd: IPDET 2020 Kick Off

The formal start of the IPDET 2020 online program! Get an overview on the innovative program, don`t miss the talk by Alison Evans (Director General Evaluation of the World Bank Group) on how the World Bank acts in these challenging times, and hear about IPDET`s Evaluation Capacity Development Approach - IPDET is more than just a training? Yes!

July 21st: The IPDET/EVAL Youth Hackathon Solutions

What are the key questions for transformative evaluation that lead the way ahead in the changed reality of COVID-19? And what are innovative approaches that serve organizations and governments to unfold their performance? The three winner teams from the Evaluation Hackathon organized by IPDET and EvalYouth present and discuss their innovative solutions to evaluation challenges of our time.

September 8th: The Global Evaluation Initiative

About to be launched - the new initiative under IEG´s lead fosters synergies and creates new energies in the field of evaluation. Get to know the purpose, strategy and activities first hand in this mini-series talk and contribute shaping the initiative with your valuable feedback.

September 30th: Has Evaluation Failed?

The “Evaluation Globe” Project is an in-depth investigation into the institutionalization of evaluation in countries around the globe. In this session, the results for Europe and the Americas will be presented. Based on these insights, the question arises, if evaluation has failed in a crisis like COVID-19, although the degree of institutionalization of evaluation has raised in the past years.

October 14th: Evaluation Is Valuable As Never Before. An Introduction To The Usefulness Of Evaluation In the Verge Of COVID-19

How do decision-makers get the information on what works or not? How to use evaluation for their decision-making? How to be better prepared in times of a crisis? These and further key questions will guide a vibrant discussion on the role and use of evaluation in the current time.

October 28th: The Power Of IPDET: What Happens After The Training? 

More than 4000 professionals with diverse backgrounds from all around the world have enhanced their evaluation capacities and enlarged their network through IPDET. In this Mini Series, the stage belongs to an alumnus who shares key takeaways and reviews the applicability of the IPDET experience.

November 10th: This Was IPEDET 2020 - Here Comes IPDET 2021

We look back on weeks full of great online events and reflect upon precious takeaways. The on-site training at the University of Bern is the core of IPDET´s training and community building. Be curious on what to expect for next year's event in Bern! This session provides the essentials of the on-site program in a glance, why you should enroll, and informs about scholarship possibilities.