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Learning session: Working with values in evaluation

The evaluation community is recognising the need for greater attention to values in evaluation. Understanding values, and how to work with values, can help evaluators make evaluative judgements. Evaluation thinkers have been advocating attention to values for many years, but change has been slow as there are conceptual and practical challenges to working with values. This session provides ways to overcome the main conceptual and practical challenges, to help evaluators take up the challenge of working with values.

21st February, 2019
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South Australia
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Learning objectives

The intention is to help participants to:

  • understand what values are (and are not)
  • identify different type of values within a program, and within an evaluation
  • be aware of some ways to elicit and discuss values when planning an evaluation
  • understand the three main ways that values have been integrated into evaluation practice (from the evaluation literature)
  • consider where values are important for their own evaluation work, and how they can work with values in their own practice.


Keryn Hassall has worked in evaluation teams or in policy and program advice since 2003. She has a long-standing interest in philosophy and social psychology and the ways in which these influence public policy and programs. This material has been presented at the 2018 conference of the Australian Evaluation Society and the European Evaluation Society, and people have requested it be presented in more detail as a learning session, to help evaluators work with values in their evaluation practice.