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Analysing open-ended survey questions using MAXQDA

This webinar will show you how to import the text responses to open-ended questions asked in a web survey into a MAXQDA project along with key variable data from the survey. Then it will go on, using a mixture of deductive and inductive approaches, to identify and code the responses to each question extensively and efficiently. The coding frequencies can then be used in conjunction with the survey variables to conduct a quantitative analysis of the data, whilst remaining in contact with the underlying texts and the language used by the respondents, to reveal more subtle patterns of meaning beyond basic statements in the form “X% of respondents mentioned Y”. 

17th March, 2015
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Whilst it is important to be able to summarise the data efficiently, as the semi-automated tools assist the analyst to do, it is vital to capture the much rarer ideas of respondents who “think outside the box” which can be the hidden treasure exposed by such survey techniques.

To take part in this webinar you should be familiar with the MAXQDA interface, be able to read and code texts, locate coded passages, and write memos.

It is not necessary to have MAXQDA installed for this webinar. The trainer will demonstrate each feature on his own computer. What you do need is a stable internet connection and the ability to hear the sound through loudspeakers or a headset.


Trainer: Graham Hughes
Price: 99 €
​Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm (EDT)