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Participatory, Monitoring & Evaluation - Advanced Course

11th August, 2013 to 15th August, 2013
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Development organizations need information on the effectiveness of their efforts. But who should make these judgments, and on what basis? It is the norm that external experts take charge of this process. Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation is an approach that involves local communities, development agencies and policy makers consulting and agreeing on how to measure progress and use the results. This approach reveals valuable lessons and improves accountability. It encourages people to examine their assumptions about what constitutes progress and to address any contradictions and conflicts that can emerge.

IIRR has designed the Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation course (PME) to address the concerns of development practitioners. The current trends of reduced global resources and increased demand for good governance and accountability call for increased effociency, effectiveness, relevance and sustainability of development efforts. IIRR has over 80 years of development experience in Asia and Africa, with participatory monitoring and evaluation as one of the pillars of its development programs.

Dates and Location

  • Mozambique: 12 - 16 August 2013
  • Mozambique: 11 - 15 August 2014

Course Fees

  • Day Rate: USD $700
  • Full board Rate: USD $1,200

Course Highlights

  • Simulation exercises
  • Field practicum
  • Free book: Outcome Mapping: Reflecting and Learning fro Applications in eastern Africa

You will learn

  • Definition of principles and concepts
  • The project cycle and program logic models
  • Definitions and explanations of LFA, RBM, MSC, OM - comparing and contrasting the models
  • Use of Theory of Change to develop program specific logic models
  • Examples of integrated LFA/RBM and OM models
  • Developing indicators from sector specific results framework generic examples
  • Indicators to data: quantitative and qualitative
  • Data collection processes and tools
  • Facilitating participatory data collection
  • Data analysis processes: definitions and examples of quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Introduction to data analysis software and simulated data analysis examples
  • Developing PME systems and participatory KIM system – demonstrating specific examples
  • Introduction to evaluation designs
  • Data analysis that suits particular evaluation designs
  • Developing M&E reports and impact case studies
  • Monitoring and evaluation reports
  • Introduction to contribution analysis

To Apply

Download application form from IIRR website. Send the completed form to

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