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Program Logic / Theory of Change Training - November 6th – 7th 2014

6th November, 2014 to 7th November, 2014
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This workshop introduces the program logic concept and lays out a step by step process for creating a logic model. Program logic models illustrate the expected cause-and-effect relationships between activities, immediate changes, intermediate outcomes and final outcomes for a given program. Often represented as a diagram, a program logic model shows a series of expected consequences, not just a sequence of events.

Articulating a program logic often requires 'backward mapping'. That is, we start with the intended outcomes and map downwards to think through what would be the essential preconditions needed to achieve this outcome. Eventually we map down to consider specific activities. When models are developed in a participatory manner they often help groups to come to consensus about realistic way of achieving valued outcomes.

The workshop concludes with an overview of how this logic model can be used for program design and to be the spine of a monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement framework. Further information about this, or any other course, head to the Clear Horizon website.

Event Location: Canberra, November 6th & 7th      
Event Time: 9 – 4.30pm both days
Cost: $800 (Not for profit discount available)

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