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Quasi-experimental design and analysis

The workshop’s aim is to prepare attendees to design the best current quasi-experiments for educational research and help them analyze the data that these better designs produce. The course sessions will provide intensive training on the theory and practice of quasi-experimental design, via lectures and via hands-on experience. 

United States
3rd August, 2015 to 14th August, 2015
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Northwestern University, with a grant from the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) in the U.S. Department of Education, is providing support for the 2015 Workshop on Quasi-Experimental Design and Analysis.

Workshop Goals and Overview:

  • To provide researchers with state-of-the-art tools for designing, implementing, and analyzing their own quasi-experiments,
  • To help researchers plan higher quality (and more internally valid) quasi-experiments, and
  • To provide general education and background knowledge on experiments and quasi-experiments for researchers interested in methodology.
  • The course will enable participants to better evaluate and conduct quasi-experiments and to fit the design needed to the targeted conditions of an application.

Tentative Schedule 

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  • Day 1 (August 3): Introduction & Randomized Experiments
  • Day 2 (August 4): Basic Regression Discontinuity Designs (RDD)
  • Day 3 (August 5): More Complex Regression Discontinuity Designs and Advanced Issues
  • Day 4 (August 6): Interrupted Time Series (ITS) Designs
  • Day 5 (August 7): Interrupted Time Series Designs: Advanced Issues
  • Day 6 (August 10): Nonequivalent Control Group Designs (Matching)
  • Day 7 (August 11): Nonequivalent Control Group Designs (Matching): Advanced Issues
  • Day 8 (August 12): Instrumental Variable (IV) Designs
  • Day 9 (August 13): Instrumental Variable Designs: Advanced Issues
  • Day 10 (August 14): Special Issues & Review


Principal Investigator Thomas D. Cook will lead the workshop with active participation from William Shadish (University of California, Merced), Peter Steiner (University of Wisconsin–Madison), Coady Wing (Indiana University, Bloomington) and Vivian Wong (University of Virginia, Charlottesville). 

Workshop Location
The workshop will be held at the Hilton Orrington Hotel in Evanston. See map. 


The workshop is for faculty from all disciplines who have an interest in causal research in education settings; for advanced graduate students working with quasi-experimental data; and for employees of federal, state, and local government and contract research firms dealing with the evaluation of educational interventions. Past attendees of the IES QE workshop are eligible to attend. Attendees must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.