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Interview skills: Listening to understand

This applied workshop is designed as a practical forum for participants to learn the fundamentals of good interviewing to ensure that meaningful data is collected. The workshop focuses participants on what they need to know and how to properly prepare for an interview. Next participants are introduced to a core interviewing competency framework and have the opportunity to put their interviewing skills into practice.

22nd March 2018
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Workshop objectives

The learning objectives are for participants to:

  • Understand different interview structures and when they are appropriate
  • Understand how to develop good interview questions
  • Be able to appropriately prepare for an interview
  • Be aware of the skills and competencies required for interviewing
  • Put the skills and competencies into practice
  • Be able to assess your own skills and competencies and those of others in completing an interview
  • Have increased confidence to undertake interviews
  • Understand important post-interview tasks

PL competencies

This workshop aligns with competencies in the AES Evaluator’s Professional Learning Competency Framework. The identified domains are

  • Domain 4 – Research methods and systematic inquiry

Who should attend

This workshop is for people who need to collect qualitative data from clients of stakeholders as part of their professional practice. It is geared to people with limited prior experience conducting interviews.

About the facilitators

The workshop will be facilitated by ARTD Partner Jade Maloney and Senior Consultant Kerry Hart.

Jade is an accomplished evaluator with extensive experience collecting qualitative data. As ARTD’s lead for disability policy, Jade brings a strong understanding of working with vulnerable groups to collect meaningful data through interviews and focus groups. Jade collects relevant and reliable data from stakeholders at all level in sensitive and culturally appropriate ways.

Kerry is a highly experienced qualitative researcher. She uses her specialist skills in face-to-face and telephone interviewing and small group processes to collect meaningful data to answer key research and evaluation questions. Kerry has the ability to understand and adapt to different environments, conducting interviews right across Australia, including in regional centres and remote towns. Kerry has interviewed a range of stakeholders, including managers of service delivery organisations, government and non-government, and clients of government programs; and from children to seniors, and consulted extensively with stakeholders from culturally and linguistically diverse and Aboriginal communities.