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Claremont Evaluation Center Professional Development Workshops (multiple workshops and dates)

 This August, the Claremont Evaluation Center is offering its annual Professional Development Workshops, which provide working professionals and students with world-class practical and theoretical training in evaluation and applied research. This longstanding series, taught by leading academics and seasoned practitioners, can be experienced onsite at Claremont Graduate University, or wherever you are, thanks to highly interactive online webcasts. Previous years have consistently brought hundreds of participants to Claremont from across the globe, representing an exciting cross-section of the private and public sectors.

United States
15th August, 2018 to 22nd August, 2018
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Details about online participation will be emailed to registered participants directly.

A limited number of scholarships are available.

Workshops schedule:

Wednesday, August 15

• Basics of Evaluation & Applied Research Methods (Stewart Donaldson & Christina Christie)

Thursday, August 16

• Quasi Experimental Design (William Crano)

• Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods (Kendall Bronk)

• Grant Writing (Allen Omoto)

• Evaluation Capacity Building (Leslie Fierro)

Friday, August 17

• Theory-Driven Evaluation Science: Finding the Sweet Spot between Rigor and Relevance in Evaluation Practice (Stewart Donaldson)

• Applications of Correlation and Multiple Regression: Mediation, Moderation, and More (Dale Berger)

• Evaluating to Improve Educational Outcomes among Students (Tiffany Berry and Rebecca Eddy)

Saturday, August 18

• Survey Research Methods (Jason T. Siegel)

• Increasing the Usefulness of Formative Evaluation: Integrating Leading and Lagging Indicators (Brad Phillips and Jordan Horowitz)

• Learning from Success: Incorporating Appreciative Inquiry in Evaluation (Tessie Catsambas)

Sunday, August 19

• Introduction to Positive Organizational Psychology (Stewart Donaldson & Jeff Yip)

• Data Visualization (Tarek Azzam)

• Providing Credible Evidence in Evaluation: Theory and Practice (Huey Chen)

Monday, August 20

• Leadership in Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Evaluation: What do we need and why do we still not have it? (Deborah Rugg)

• Culturally Responsive Evaluation (Katrina Bledsoe)

• Expanding Pathways to Leadership (Michelle Bligh)

Tuesday, August 21

• Blue Marble Evaluation for Global Systems Change Initiatives (Michael Quinn Patton)

Wednesday, August 22

• Successful Evaluation Consulting: How to Build and Sustain Your Business (Michael Quinn Patton)