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Creative Data Visualisation training

Data visualisation is concerned with transforming the data buried in complex reports and statistics into concise images that communicate concepts in a clear and actionable manner. The two day workshop aims to introduce participants to various techniques to improve standard data visualisation (diagrams and charts) and to create innovative visual products that can facilitate the communication of complex stories and ideas.

South Africa
24th May, 2017 to 25th May, 2017
Event City: 
Cape Town (May 17-18) or Pretoria (May 24-25)
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At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the power of creative thinking and strategic data visualisation;
  • Maximise the visual impact of standard graphs and diagrams;
  • Design creative images that explain scope, relationships and interactions between concepts and phenomena; and
  • Create simple infographics.
Who should attend: 
Government employees, consultants, graduates and students of M&E, local and international funders, and NGO employees in the development sector.