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Introduction to Social Network Analysis

Social network analysis (SNA) is a particularly useful approach for capturing the structure and interactions of the networks and connections that exist between individuals, groups and organisations. SNA provides a framework for collecting and analysing data and displaying it through network maps. This workshop will introduce SNA to attendees as an evaluative technique, the theory that underpins it and the ways it is implemented. This is an introductory level workshop with no prior knowledge needed. The skills learned will be useful for a range of responsibilities - from evaluation or program design through to stakeholder engagement.


21st February, 2018
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By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
  • understand the role and value SNA can play as part of your toolkit
  • critically assess whether SNA is appropriate in different contexts
  • design and implement data collection
  • understand different types of analysis
  • interpret results and network maps
  • explore the ways in which SNA results can be used and communicated to stakeholders.
The workshop will be divided into five topics that will guide the session:
  1. understanding the theory and scoping the SNA
  2. designing and implementing data collection
  3. data setup
  4. data analysis and visualisation
  5. communicating the results.

This workshop is designed to be highly practical, with participants walked through each stage of the SNA process. Through a mix of interactive exercises and use of pre-existing data sets participants will learn the skills to conduct an SNA and will receive materials, templates and other resources. Lunch and snacks will also be provided.

Besides yourself, the only other thing you will need is a laptop (PC or Mac) so that you can get some hands on practice on the SNA platform that we prefer to use.

Following the workshop, we'll also provide each participant follow-up consultation time as you're preparing your own SNA - whether that's in scoping, analysis, interpretation or communication.

Price: AU$450.00
The price includes:
  • attendance at the workshop
  • lunch, snacks, tea and coffee throughout the day
  • printed and electronic materials and resources
  • follow-up consultation time
*Pricing includes GST.

About the presenters

Dan Healy  is a Senior Consultant and co-founder of First Person Consulting. Over the last six years, Dan has designed and implemented SNA across a variety of content areas including public health, emergency management and natural resource management. 

SNA has been used as a key component in evaluations and research projects, with network maps and analysis used for both planning, engagement and reporting purposes. Dan has training in SNA and is continually engaged in extending his knowledge via participating in conferences and special interest groups. Dan has a keen interest in systems-based approaches to complex issues and making the best use of data to produce insights that are useful and presented in an understandable way.

One of Dan's proudest SNA efforts was conducted in the Latrobe Valley following the Hazelwood Mine Fire. The project allowed for EPA Victoria to identify the key organisations that people accessed information from during the fire.

You can find out more about Dan, including past projects, here.
Matt Healey is a Consultant and co-founder at First Person Consulting. He's worked across a variety of areas from sustainability to mental health and brings a diverse experience to his work.

Matt predominantly uses SNA when exploring the role of partnerships in projects and organisations. In particular, the costs, benefits and the 'value' that participants in partnerships receive. Matt is also interested in the use of SNA as a communication and engagement tool, both in terms of helping stakeholders understand 'who talks to who', but also where opportunities are for change and improvement. 

You can find out more about Matt, including past projects, here.
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