Methods for Monitoring and Evaluation

This Annex to the International Fund for Agricultural Development's (IFAD) A Guide for Project M & E, summarises 34 options that are useful for specific M&E tasks.


"For ease of use, the options have been grouped in seven categories:

  1. Sampling-related options
  2. Core M&E options
  3. Discussion options (for groups)
  4. Options for spatially-distributed information
  5. Options for time-based patterns of change
  6. Options for analysing linkages and relationships
  7. Options for ranking and prioritising

Each option is briefly explained in terms of purpose, steps and application tips. As these options are only brief descriptions from longer texts, please refer to the original texts for additional information (see Further Reading). Note that each option can be adapted and mixed with other options to suit your needs." (Guijt, & Woodhill 2002)



Guijt, I., & Woodhill, J. International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Office of Evaluation Studies. (2002). Managing for impact in rural development: A guide for project M & E, Annex D. Retrieved from website:

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Ben-Errol D. Aspera

I still have to read more of the contents, but thus far, I think this is a rich resource library for researchers, would-be researchers, and NGO development workers. Thanks 

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