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Week 8: Guest blog: Innovation in development evaluation

Thomas Winderl 21st February 2014

Development aid is changing rapidly – so must development evaluation. This is the second post in our series of innovation in development evaluation. Read More

Week 9: Innovation in evaluation part 3: what’s the latest in advocacy evaluation?

Julia Coffman 3rd March 2014

Julia Coffman is Director of the Centre for Evaluation Innovation. In the third blog of our innovation in evaluation series, she looks some recent innovations in a notoriously tricky area: advocacy evaluation. Last week, Thomas Winderl explored how development evaluation must evolve to meet the challenge of complexity and responsive planning. This week we’ll be reporting from the African Evaluation Association’s 7th international conference, where BetterEvaluation is supporting a strand of conference presentations and posters on methodological innovation. Read More

Week 12: Evaluation innovation in transparency and accountability

Irene Guijt 21st March 2014

Innovation is a relative concept. It is about new practice … for the topic and person or group in question. The context-specific nature of what constitutes ‘an innovation’ became clear during a recent event around global transparency and accountability efforts. Read More

Global Innovations in Measurement and Evaluation

Anoushka Kenley 30th August 2017

This guest blog is by Anoushka Kenley from NPC, who is one of the authors of NPC's recent report on Global Innovations in Measurement and Evaluation. Anoushka shares with us a bit of the process behind the report, and discusses three of the eight trends that the report focuses on and why they're important. Read More

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Innovative M&E Activities/Workshops

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