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From the event website: How can mission-driven organizations sustain their evaluation and learning in the midst of the COVID-19 emergency? In this highly interactive session, our seasoned evaluation consultants will answer your questions about evaluation in disrupted times. Topics will include what to do with incomplete or missing data, what to when the data you want is no longer available, how to switch to digital data collection, and how to get the most from your online program platform.

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From the event website: Familiar with conducting focus groups, but not sure how to do them virtually? As the mechanisms for collecting stakeholder feedback become more and more tech-driven and remote, now is the time to get creative! Drawing from our extensive knowledge and experience, we will offer 3-4 of our most valuable tips to keep participants engaged in meaningful discussions and on how to collect valuable insights during virtual focus groups.

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From the event website In this time of the pandemic, many programs are ramping up their online programming. But, how can we effectively evaluate the quality, reach and outcomes of digital programs when we have significantly less direct contact with our participants? Drawing from our experiences over the past several years - including new techniques we are discovering every day during this crisis - we offer 3-4 lessons we've learned for evaluating your new, online programming.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly transforming our world.  Individuals, communities and organisations are facing enormous challenges and uncertainty. Limited resources have been further stretched by the climate crisis and unprecedented natural disasters. These global challenges put the Sustainable Development Goals at risk and threaten the well-being of people and the planet.

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Defra (the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) commissioned CECAN (the Centre for Evaluation Complexity Across the Nexus) to deliver a Complexity Evaluation Framework (CEF). The primary purpose of this framework is to equip Defra commissioners of evaluation (which may include analysts and policy makers), with a checklist of core considerations to ensure that evaluations are robust and sufficiently consider the implications of complexity theory. The framework is intended to increase the use and usability of evaluation for both commissioned and internally-led evaluation across the department. The final output is intended to be an actionable complexity evaluation framework, accompanied by a supporting evidence report to be used as a resource in commissioning evaluation.
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From the event website:  The future of work has arrived on the back of the coronavirus, COVID-19. NOBL will host a free day of virtual talks and panels solely focused on the urgently changing nature of work. The majority of our speakers will share real experiments they’ve run at work and the insights gained, win or lose. Our aim is to give attendees a bevy of tools they can try the very next day with their teams.