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Collaborative Outcomes Reporting (COR) / Performance Story Reporting workshop

18th June, 2014
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One day workshop presented by Clear Horizon Consulting. Collaborative Outcomes Reporting (COR) also known as Performance Story Reporting is a participatory approach to impact evaluation. In a concise format, COR presents evidence of how a program has contributed to outcomes and impacts that is verified by both technical experts and program stakeholders. COR combines contribution analysis and multiple lines and levels of evidence (MLLE), mapping existing data and new data against the program logic to produce a ‘story of performance’.

The course is designed for people who are looking for a clear, structured process for telling an evidence-based story of their project’s/program’s contribution to outcomes. It will provide participants with an understanding of the process for developing a PSR and the key tools used to organise and structure an effective PSR.

Venue: Airlie Conference Centre

Location    Melbourne
Duration    1 days
Date/Time    21 July 2014
Cost    $500

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