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Advanced Program Logic / Theory of Change

This workshop is offered to experienced program logic/theory of change facilitators or those who have already attended several courses on this topic. If you have already mastered the basics and wish to find answers to more in-depth challenges or learn how to develop logic/ theory of change for more complex programs then this workshop is for you.

30th April, 2015 to 1st May, 2015
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Program logic/ theory of change is rapidly spreading around the world in a wide variety of forms and for a wide range of uses. Program logic is used at many scales – at the project, program, initiative and strategy levels. The topics spread into every sector, and the diversity of program modalities range from legislative programs, to empowerment programs, grants processes and large international facilities to mention just a few.

The aim of this course is to explore some of the more complex uses and limitations of program logic / theory of change and to open the floor to participants’ dilemmas and challenges. To kick off the exploration of challenges we will explore how to:

  • manage the tension between “getting it right” and getting ownership and shared understanding
  • develop logic models/ theory of change for:
    • Loose and emergent programs (or facilities)
    • Partnerships or collective impact initiatives
    • Strategies

We also invite participants to bring their own dilemmas and challenges. We will draw on the whole group to collaboratively develop innovative solutions.