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First Western Balkan Evaluators Conference

Public sector and Impact Evaluation in Western Balkan

Call for papers

We invite the submission for the conference. Topics can extend from:

  • State of the art in evaluation in the Region and perspectives; Presentation of accomplished evaluation studies;
  • Methodological challenges in evaluation, evaluation standards and evaluation ethics;
  • Evaluation system and broader challenges of evaluation in EU context, and in donors' context.
  • Operation of evaluation communities in the region – challenges, exchange of experiences.
  • Cooperation of evaluators in the region – Experiences after 2 years of operation.

Authors may submit their contribution as:

  • Classical paper (abstract, or full)
  • Poster (3-5 pages of presentation, graphically or textually)
  • Discussion (1-2 pages of discussion – for the round table)

Contributions need to be sent by 19. June 2015 to

Bosnia and Herzegovina
28th October, 2015 to 29th October, 2015
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