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The role of partnerships in delivering social change

Increasingly not-for-profits, government, communities and business are jointly developing and implementing initiatives that address a broad range of socially intractable problems across the community. These initiatives are often systemic and aim to address the root causes of complex issues. They operate within adaptive and dynamic environments and are therefore not well suited to linear approaches to change.

Comprehensively tackling intractable problems brings together multiple and diverse actors, often with overlapping boundaries. Increasingly these programs are being delivered through new forms of partnership and collaboration, and there is increasing interest in learning how to best broker, build and assess the strength of these relationships.

17th June, 2015
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In this session we will explore:
• What are the implications for evaluative frameworks within the context of this work?
• What role can or should evaluation play in these initiatives?
• How can evaluators help social innovators conceptualise their intervention in a way that supports their work in the development phase and is still useful to guide evaluation efforts?

This seminar, led by Liz Gillies, Research Fellow, Asia Pacific Social Impact Centre, Melbourne Business School will consider the role of evaluation in the social impact agenda, particularly from the perspective of the not-for-profit and philanthropic sectors. The seminar will explore the role of new partnerships in complex and adaptive systems, the role that evaluation can and should play in this important work and the increasing appetite for evaluative frameworks to strengthen the partnerships and collaborations that sit at the centre of such initiatives.