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Making effective use of evaluations in an increasingly complex world - Joint UNESCO – French Evaluation Society and European Evaluation Society Conference

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The purpose of the event is to bring together decision makers and evaluators, the demand and the supply sides of evaluation, to discuss the use and impact of evaluation itself and how this could be improved.

What is the potential for evaluation as a mechanism for providing a stream of evidence to inform strategic decision-making, for example on major shifts in policy and significant resource reallocations?

What are the building blocks of successful evaluation systems in which evaluative outputs are credible and user-ready so as to effectively inform decision-making and organisational learning, and how can evaluations be better used in this context?

Decision makers and evaluators may have divergent views on these questions, yet they fundamentally share the same mission, to develop and implement better policies and programmes to the benefit of their constituents and target populations.

30th September, 2015
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