Support the use of evaluation findings

Following up on the organisation’s response to evaluation findings is an essential part of supporting use. This is often a management responsibility but it is recommended to build time into the evaluation plan and budget for the evaluator(s) to provide support beyond just delivering the evaluation report.

There are a range of options that can be used to provide support for the use of evaluation findings. For example:

  • Annual reviews: reviewing major evaluation findings and conclusions based on evaluation studies completed during the preceding year (see, for example, How to conduct an annual review?)
  • Data use calendar: guides the collection of data and reporting requirements, as well as ensuring that analysis and evaluation data is actively used (see, for example, a data use calendar that includes the key recommendations and issues for a range of stakeholders, and provides clear next steps and time frames for follow up actions to take place).
  • Management response: a written response to the recommendations made in the evaluation report. The response might agree, partially agree or disagree with a recommendation and should provide an explanation for any partial acceptance or rejection of a recommendation. For recommendations that have been accepted, or partially accepted, key follow-up actions should be identified, with a time frame specified and the responsible unit named. It is important to identify an individual to coordinate the management response and an agreed deadline by which comments must be provided. The management should respond timely, for example, within two months of receiving the final evaluation report (see, for example, guidance on preparing management responses)
  • Recommendations tracking: keeping a transparent record of the responses to and action from recommendations (see, for example, a recommendation tracking matrix and how it can be used).


  • Evaluation use documentation

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