Process Map of M&E for Public Policy??

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Process Map of M&E for Public Policy??

Process Map of M&E of Public Policy?

Hi all !

I'm currently working in a project at public health sector to enable and improve their Monitoring and Evaluation process regarding the public policies which have to be executed in conjunction with cities and states.

We already modeled their current process (activities level) using the BPMN 2.0 (process modeling notation) standards .

Now We are looking for similar models to compare and improve the current process model in order to lead us a better "to be" model.

We have been organized the whole activities currently executed here in the Secretary in 7 main process:

To Plan the Execution of M&E

To Manage Execution of M&E (Plan)

To Engage Stakeholders and Participants

To Collect and Qualify Data for M&E

To Monitor the Implementation of Public Polícy

To Evaluate Public Policy

To Communicate the Results of M&E

Most of the documentation about M&E are referring to M&E models, planning, cycles, approaches...We did not find anything that describe "activities level" (which activities have to be done) in a M&E or at least a Business Process view of a "M&E" execution.

Does anyone have any indication of articles or models (BPMN standards) that could be shared or help us in the challenge?

Rgds, Marco

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