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Evaluation Theories: Introduction and Application (Summer 2011 Professional Development Workshops Series of Claremont Graduate University)

United States
19th August, 2011
Event City: 
Claremont Graduate University, Ron W. Burkle Family Building, 1021 N. Dartmouth Ave, Claremont, CA 91711.

Facilitator:  Melvin Mark?

This session intends to provide an overview of a range of evaluation theories or models/approaches and their application. The basic purpose of this workshop is to enable participants to understand: the potential benefits (and costs) of using evaluation theory; key differences across alternative evaluation theories; the nature and practice implications of a small set of notable evaluation theories; and how evaluation theory can be used to improve evaluation practice. The session will employ lecture options with occasional small group exercises and examples from real life situations.

Organization:    Claremont Graduate University, California, USA

For registration:

Seminar Fee:     

Professional:     $75
Students:          $50

Cross cutting Issues:    Understanding of evaluation theory can facilitate the conduct of evaluation

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