Qualitative Impact Evaluation Methods for Rigours IE

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Qualitative Impact Evaluation Methods for Rigours IE

There has been some interesting discussions on the XCeval listserve that are relevant for BetterEvaluation that we thought we'd share with you.

The initial question was asking for qualitative impact evaluation options and tools for conducting rigorous IE. There were several responses which I'll summarise:

Two papers were shared:

There was a call for more rigorous use of the term 'rigorous', reminding us of the dictionary definition of rigorous and suggesting that it's better to be approximately right than precisely wrong.

A recent collection of qualitative options put together by 3ie was shared. This included:

Since this is a topic close to BE's heart, it would be good to hear if anyone else has ideas to contribute to the discussion. Perhaps it could result in a blog post on the BE site.

Specifically, it would be good to know if you have any other qualitative options to add to the list above. Post them here if you do.

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I'm not sure if this option is considered a qualitative (as it also can have quantitative aspects) but NetMap Toolbox from Eva Schiffer comes to mind. http://netmap.wordpress.com/

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