New design - what do you think?

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New design - what do you think?

We are very excited to reveal to you the new design of the BE website.  We’ve been working with a designer for the past few months to make the website easier to navigate and more engaging.

We’ve built on the key concepts behind BetterEvaluation to strengthen the brand and communicate more clearly what we are about. You’ll notice that it is much more colourful with the BE rainbow taking prime position and emphasising our principal of methodological diversity.

We’ve also reworked our primary navigation menu, replacing the ambiguous titles of plan, choose and find with more descriptive titles: Start Here, Find Options by Task, Find Options by Sector. We’re still experimenting with these pages so would be interested to hear your reaction to the changes.

Please let us know what you think about the new design and what you would like to see different.



Simon and the BetterEvalaution Team