Develop planning documents for the evaluation or M&E system

An evaluation plan (for a particular evaluation) usually specifies: what will be evaluated; the purpose and criteria for the evaluation; the key evaluation questions; and how data will be collected, analyzed, synthesized and reported. It may include a program theory/logic model.

An evaluation framework (sometimes called a Monitoring and Evaluation framework, or more recently a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning framework) provides an overall framework for evaluations across different programs or different evaluations of a single program (e.g. process evaluation; impact evaluation). This can include guidance on data sources and management processes, as well as an overall program theory/logic model.

However sometimes the term 'evaluation framework' is used to refer to a plan for a single evaluation or to an organisational policy.


  • Aide memoire: A short document that summarizes key findings and recommendations.
  • Evaluation framework: provides an overall framework  across different evaluations, such as individual projects within a program, or across an organisation
  • Evaluation plan: set out the proposed details of an evaluation including what, how and when an evaluation will take place.
  • Evaluation work plan: involves the development of clear timeframes, deliverables and milestones.​
  • Inception report: set out the evaluation's conceptual framework, key questions and methodology, and timeframe.




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Paulino Rosario

As a new member of a evaluation team, my task is to develop a 3 month evaluation work plan onsite that will align with the 3 month implementation work plan addressing goals and strategies in project strategic plan.

Your expert comments in designing a framework for a evaluation work plan is much appreciated.

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Alice Macfarlan

Thanks Paulino, I'm really glad BetterEvaluation is helping you with your task!

I'm sure you've clicked through to the Evaluation Framework option page and seen the highlighted resource 'Developing Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks + FRAMEWORK TEMPLATE', but incase you haven't I'd highly recommend checking it out, and in particular, the resource's free downloadable templates.

Some other useful tools for you might be the downloadable PDF versions of the BetterEvaluation Rainbow Framework. You can access all of this information in more detail on the site of course, however the PDF summaries can be a useful reference to share with your team.



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