Evaluation methods for assessing Value for Money

This paper by Farida Fleming reviews different evaluation methods used for assessing Value for Money, compares their similarities and differences, and examines the questions each method is most suited to evaluating. The paper gives an overview of how to conduct Cost Effectiveness Analysis, Cost Utility Analysis, Cost Benefit Analysis, Social Return on Investment, Basic Efficiency Resource and ranking correlation of cost vs impact.

Case study written by: Peter Weston, Research and Evaluation Advisor, World Vision Australia. Input and review from:Jo Crawford, Research, Policy & Advocacy Advisor, International Women’s Development Agency; Andy Kenyon, Manager International Programme Quality, Red Cross Australia; Dorothy Lucks, Executive Director, SDF GLOBAL; Anne MarkiewiczAnne Markiewicz and Associates; Ian Patrick, Ian Patrick & Associates; Jayne Pilkinton, Monitoring Evaluation Learning Advisor, Oxfam Australia; Emma Pritchard, Senior Research & Evaluation Advisor - Child Protection, World Vision Australia; Patricia Rogers, Professor of Public Sector Evaluation, RMIT University. 

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