Review of Evaluation in Agricultural Extension

This report provides an overview of the state of evaluation in agricultural extension in Australia in terms of five major types of evaluation and many different approaches.  It includes 15 case studies of evaluations.


  1. Landcare: does it make a difference? Impact assessment (Form 5), goal-based approach p.35
  2. A Case Study Undertaken with the West Hume Landcare Group as Part of an International Research Project on Participatory Watershed Development,  Impact assessment (Form 5), needs-based approach p.37
  3. Cost Benefit Analysis of the Target 10 Dairy Extension Program,  Impact assessment (Form 5), economic analysis of outcomes p. 41
  4. Evaluation of a participatory process project in Western India Impact assessment  (Form 5), evaluation for illumination, p.44 
  5. IPM program for potato pests: an example of monitoring & evaluation, Monitoring and evaluation for management (Form 2), p.51
  6. FARMSCAPE (Farmer-Adviser- Researcher Monitoring, Simulation, Communication and Performance Evaluation) for iproved management of dryland cropping, Monitoring, (Form 2 4), aimed at improvement, p.55
  7. An evolutionary approach to facilitating organisational learning: An experiment by the Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh, Monitoring (Form 4), monitoring without using indicators, p. 57
  8. Quality Assurance for Farm Pride Foods Eggs, Victoria, Monitoring and evaluation (Form 2) p. 61
  9. Review and Analysis of Processe, Process evaluation, (Form 3), study of implementation at a national level, p.64
  10. Corangamite Salinity Program and Global Assessment Scaling, Process evaluation, (Form 3), aimed at monitoring a group progress, p. 66
  11. Improving the Usefulness of the Pigpulse Report, an Evaluation, Process  evaluation,(Form 3 ), guidance for refinement, p.70


  • Aim, Emphasis and Review   1-3
  • Evaluation in Agricultural Extension   6-11
  • Program Evaluation  13-18
  • Forms of Program Evaluation 18-21 
  • Characteristics of Evaluation in Agricultural Extension 22-24
  • Case Studies of Different Forms of Evaluation in Agricultural Extension
  • Form 1: Evaluation for Impact Assessment 30-39
  • Form 2: Monitoring and Evaluation for Program Management 43-56
  • Form 3: Process Evaluation 59-68
  • Form 4: Evaluation for Design Clarification 68-69
  • Form 5: Evaluation for Program Development 70
  • Frameworks for Planning Program Evaluation 74-85
  • Summary Guide to Approaches and Methods in Evaluation 88
  • Appendices
  • Program Participation Index 103
  • Evaluation Participation Index 103
  • List of Case Studies and Their Contributors 104
  • List of Contributors 104


Dart, J., Petheram, R. J., Straw, W. (1998) Review of Evaluation in Agricultural Extension. Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation. Retrieved from

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