Measurable Gains Framework in the Maori Education Strategy

This webpage provides 12 separate rubrics developed for different aspects of the Measurable Gains Framework in the Maori Education Strategy.


  • Measuring and reporting progress
  • The Measurable Gains Framework tools
  • Logic model
  • Evaluative rubrics
  • Ngā Haeata Māt​auranga
  • Related downloads
  • MGF Rubric 1.2 - Policy development and improvement supporting best outcomes 
  • MGF Rubric 1.3 - Tatai Pou: Competencies for Ministry staff regarding Maori... 
  • MGF Rubric 2.1 - Effective culturally responsive teaching for Maori learners 
  • MGF Rubric 2.2 - Effective education leadership culturally responsive 
  • MGF Rubric 2.3 - Effective Provision of Te Reo Maori in and Through Education 
  • MGF Rubric 2.5 - Effective parent, whanau and iwi engagement 
  • MGF Rubric 2.6 - Effective Maori learner support, information and advice 
  • MGF Rubric 2.7 - Effective and relevant service provision for Maori learners 
  • MGF Rubric 3.1 - Maori learner progress and achievement 
  • MGF Rubric 3.2 - Maori learners connected and engaged 
  • MGF Rubric 3.3 - Education pathways and career options
  • MGF Rubric 4 - Maori learners enjoying and achieving education success as Maori


Ministry of Education (n.d.) Measuring and reporting progress. Retrieved from

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