ADS Chapter 203: Assessing and Learning

This chapter provides guidance for USAID Operating Units – USAID Missions, Regional Platforms, and Washington Bureaus and Offices, also known as USAID Mission/Offices, on Agency practices and standards used to determine how well Assistance Objectives (AOs) are achieving their intended results.


  • Overview
  • Primary responsibilities
  • Policy directives and required procedures
  • Mandatory and non-mandatory guidance
  • Performance management
  • Performance management plans
  • Selecting performance indicators for PMPs
  • Data quality
  • Evaluation
  • Portfolio reviews
  • Operating unit annual operation plan and annual performance report
  • Reporting requirements for projects not managed by country-based USDH staff
  • Intensive program reviews
  • Assistance objective close out reports
  • Development experience clearinghouse
  • Mandatory references
  • External mandatory references
  • Additional help
  • Definitions


USAID (2008) ADS Chapter 203 Assessing and Learning USAID Washington DC. Retrieved from

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