Participatory Learning for Action (PLA)

This PowerPoint presentation gives a detailed overview of this approach including a range of tools that can be used to gather data.  


Specific Options Mentioned

  • Appreciative Inquiry (Ai) - slide 8
  • Time Line - slide 18
  • Trend Analysis slide 19
  • Seasonality Diagram - slide 20
  • Wealth (Or Well-Being) Ranking slide 21
  • Causal Diagrams slide 22
  • Matrix Ranking Or  Scoring slide 23
  • Chappati (Venn) Diagram slide 24
  • Profile Of A Woman’s Day - slide 25
  • Transects slide 26
  • Conflict Analysis slide 27
  • Body Mapping Of A Woman slide 28
  • Livelihood Analysis slide 29
  • Patterns Of Land Use slide 30
  • Ten-Seed Techniques For Hiv Prog slide 31
  • Ten Seed Option For Cs/Rh Programs slide 32
  • One Page Story—Tying It All Up slide 33
  • Community Resource Development Plan slide 34


Chander, S. (2006, May). Partcipatory learning for action (PLA). Paper presented at CCIH conference. Retrieved from

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