Open Learning Initiative: Probability and Statistics Course

This free, online course run by the Open Learning Initiative takes students through the basics of statistics and probability. Included are a range of practical exercises with instructions on how to download the data sets and complete the problems in a variety of different statistical software, including R and SPSS.


  • UNIT 1: Exploratory Data Analysis    
  •     Module 1: Examining Distributions
  •     Module 2: Examining Relationships
  • UNIT 2: Producing Data    
  •     Module 3: Sampling
  •     Module 4: Designing Studies
  • UNIT 3: Probability    
  •     Module 5: Introduction (Probability)
  •     Module 6: Finding Probability of Events
  •     Module 7: Conditional Probability and Independence
  •     Module 8: Random Variables
  •     Module 9: Sampling Distributions
  • UNIT 4: Inference    
  •     Module 10: Introduction (Inference)
  •     Module 11: Estimation
  •     Module 12: Hypothesis Testing
  •     Module 13: Inference for Relationships
  •     Module 14: Inference for Relationships Continued


Open Learning Initiative (2013). Probability and Statistics. Retrieved from

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