Local Administration and Reform Project Mid-Term Evaluation

This Mid-Term Evaluation from USAID provides an assessment of the ongoing Local Administration and Reform project (LAAR) which aims to strengthen governance and social reform in Cambodia.

"USAID’s current strategy for Cambodia aims to: promote more effective, inclusive and accountable management of what should be Cambodia’s main assets—its people; its natural resources; its economic potential; and its fledgling democratic institutions. In addition to objectives in health and education, the mission has a cross cutting strategic objective: improved political and economic governance. This objective incorporates a broad swath of mission programs. Two components—Support Democratic Local Governance and Decentralization and Promote and Support Anti-Corruption Reforms—correspond to the LAAR and MAE projects. Both are implemented by Pact, a U.S. NGO under a USAID cooperative agreement referred to as the Strengthening Governance and Accountability program." (Calavan, Barr & Blair, 2009)


Calavan, M., Barr, A., & Blair, H. USAID, (2009). Local administration and reform project mid-term evaluation. Retrieved from website: http://pdf.usaid.gov/pdf_docs/PDACO260.pdf

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