Measuring results: the demand-side revolution

This blog from NGO Performance outlines a process for monitoring the performance of NGOs based on demand, rather than supply. 

The blog presents an agenda for managing performance that makes sense of current debates regarding results and accountability. It is based on established work and best practice from across the sector, including emerging approaches. It also provides tools and links to sites where you can download free software and templates. Finally the blog argues that NGOs can achieve the most by managing and measuring their own performance.


  • Logical Framework
  • Theory of Change
  • Outcome Mapping
  • Social Framework
  • Participatory Impact Pathways Analysis
  • Outcomes Star – Measuring Results: The Demand Side Revolution Blog


Jacobs, A. (2011, March 2). Measuring results: the demand-side revolution. NGO PERFORMANCE. Retrieved June 18, 2012, from

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