Zambian HIV/AIDS Learning Initiative Midterm Evaluation Report

"Pact’s Zambian HIV/AIDS Learning Initiative (AFP-A-00-03-00046-00) aims to strengthen the capacity of Zambian NGOs working in the area of HIV/AIDS, and particularly to enhance the ability of these organizations to address the causes and consequences of HIV/AIDS through multisectoral approaches."

To measure the success of Pact’s achievement of the ZHLI objectives, Pact has designed and implemented an innovative and comprehensive “theory of change” evaluation methodology that explores the causal linkages between the core ZHLI program components, strengthened organizational capacity, and impact level change. Pact’s methodology combines surveys, focus group discussions, and site visits to gather both qualitative and quantitative performance and impact data.


  • Hypothesis and Theory of Intervention
  • Evaluation Methodology
  • Program Achievements
  • Assessing the Effectiveness of Linkages
  • Sustainability of Program Interventions

Specific Options Mentioned

  • Survey – p. 7, 11, 15
  • Focus Group Discussion – p. 9, 15
  • Site Visits – p. 9, 15-20
  • Network mapping – p. 23, 24


Kummer, B., Reeves, M., & Bloom, E. (2006, October 31). Zambian HIV/AIDS Learning Initiative - Midterm Evaluation Report. ??Retrieved June 20, 2012.

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