Climate Change Impact and Adaptation Study for Bangkok Metropolitan Region

This report form the World Bank is the primary output from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration's analysis of climate change impact and adaptation in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region.

"The report concerns climate change, and provides an analysis of climate change impacts and adaptation options for the Bangkok Metropolitan Region. It is produced by a group of multidisciplinary experts working under the company Panya Consultants Co. Ltd, based in Bangkok, Thailand. In addition to the more general matters on the physical setting and socioeconomics of BMR addressed herein, the report considers a number of issues related to climate change in detail. These are: changes in the inundation pattern, and impact on the population and socioeconomics, and coping mechanisms to deal with the changed situation." ("Climate change impact," 2009) 


  • Introduction
  • City Descriptions
  • Model Development and Simulation
  • Impact Assessment
  • Adaptation and Proposal
  • Consultation with Stakeholders


World Bank, (2009). Climate change impact and adaptation study for bangkok metropolitan region : final report (vol. 1 of 3). Retrieved from website:

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