Community Based Adaptation Toolkit

This toolkit from CARE was developed to support project teams complete the project cycle in Community Based Adaptation projects.  

"It includes step-by-step guidance and recommended tools for all stages of the project cycle, along with links to useful resources and checklists for key project documents. It also includes CBA Project Standards to help ensure high quality analysis, design, implementation and information & knowledge management (including monitoring & evaluation) in your CBA project.

This interactive Toolkit is designed to be flexible. Users can tailor the process to meet their needs, priorities and available resources, including time. See About the Toolkit to discover how the CBA Toolkit can work for you." ("Community-based adaptation toolkit," 2010)


  • About the Toolkit
  • The Basics of Community-Based Adaptation
  • Using the Toolkit
  • The CBA Project Cycle
  • CBA Project Standards
  • Step-by-Step Guidance
  • CBA Tools
  • CBA Resources

Specific Options Mentioned

  • Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis handbook – p. 25-27, 29-30
  • Community-based Risk Assessment Tool – Adaptation and Livelihoods – p. 25
  • Climate Change and Environment Degradation Risk and Adaptation Assessment – p. 36
  • Framework of Milestones and Indicators for Community-based Adaptation – p. 36, 54
  • CARE International Project Standards - p.32
  • CARE Unifying Framework for Poverty Eradication & Social Justice & Underlying Causes of Poverty - p. 35
  • Training Manual on Gender and Climate Change - p. 40
  • Advocacy Tools and Guidelines: Promoting Policy Change: Resource Manual for CARE Programme - p. 40
  • CARE Denmark Rights-Based Approach Guidelines - p. 40
  • Community-Based Adaptation Project Budget Checklist - p. 42
  • Checklist for M&E Resource Requirements - p. 43
  • The Basics of Project Implementation: A Guide for Project Managers - p. 45
  • The CARE Partnership Manual - p. 45
  • CARE International Gender Equity Building Blocks - p. 49
  • Being Ready: A Guide to the Emergency Preparedness Planning Process - p. 50
  • National Adaptive Capacity Framework - p. 54


CARE International, (2010). Community-based adaptation toolkit (Version 1.0). Retrieved from Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere, Inc. (CARE website:

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