Partnership Indicators: Measuring the effectiveness of multi-sector approaches to service provision

This paper provides considerations for the creation of partnership indicators for tri-partite partnerships (private sector, public sector and civil society/NGOs) in water and sanitation provision for poor communities in developing countries. It draws on preliminary experiences from the projects of the Business Partners for Development (BPD) Water and Sanitation Cluster.

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Authors and their affiliation

Ken Caplan and David Jones , BDP Water and Sanitation Cluster

Year of publication


Type of resource

Discussion paper

Key features

The discussion in this paper touches on the following themes: 

  • Why measure the effectiveness of partnerships

  • Measuring qualitative aspects of partnerships

  • Using indicators to measure partnerships (highlighting expectations and limitations or considerations)

  • Indicators for forming and maintaining partnerships

It also contains a list of sources for further information on measuring and evaluating partnerships.

Who is this resource useful for?

  • Evaluators
  • Commissioners/Managers of evaluation
  • Other (those designing or implementing Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships)

Why would you recommend it to other people?

Though short, this paper provides example indicators on measuring partnerships which are often hard to define.


Caplan, D. and Jones, D. (2002). Partnership indicators: Measuring the effectiveness of multi-sector approaches to service provision. Practitioner Note Series. Business Partners for Development Water and Sanitation Cluster. Retrieved from:

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Emily Miller


I'm really interested in seeing this resource but the link is broken. 

Can you update? 



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Alice Macfarlan

Hi Emily,

Thanks for letting us know - I've updated the link.


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