Measuring Child Wellbeing: Tools & Challenges

This webinar, moderated by Janet Shriberg for the Society for International Development (SID), introduces four guest speakers who present tools that can be used to measure child wellbeing.  The first presenter is Florence Nyangara, of ICF Macro who discusses the use of the Child Status Index (CSI) in a program surveying caregivers in Kenya and Tanzania. The second speaker is Caroline Bishop who discusses the use of the Orphan Wellbeing Tool (OWT) in Kenya and Rwanda to capture a true representation of the child’s perspective. The third presenter, Sandy Dalebout, discuses the use of Parenting Maps in Mozambique and Namibia to empower caregivers and provide them with a more expansive knowledge on how to best care for their children. The final tool that is discussed in the webinar is a standardized questionnaire for both children, ages 0-17, and their caregivers  presented by Jenifer Chapman.


Society for International Development (SID), (2014), Measuring Child Wellbeing: Tools & Challenges, Retrieved from:

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