Concept Mapping Example - Science Capability

The Victorian Department of Primary Industries was endeavouring to develop indicators of science capability that went beyond the qualifications of staff and the facilities they had. 

A preliminary literature review had found that science capability was made up of:

a.    A quantity component – e.g. qualifications of staff, facilities
b.    A quality component – was the science ‘quality science’
c.    A management component
d.    An ability to foresee and innovate
e.    Production of science results that were utilised

In order to develop these concepts it was decided to ask two groups ( a. the external investors and stakeholders, and 2. the departmental scientists) what they considered science capability to be.

Evaluators note: The identification of this diversity of values lead to senior management to debate the merit and worth with proceeding with a formal performance indicator approach in favour of a combination indicator and descriptive evaluation. Without concept mapping an inappropriate indicator may have been selected.

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