Basic Efficiency Resource: A framework for measuring the relative performance of multi-unit programs

This whitepaper, authored by Dr. Brian Cugelman and Eva Otero for Leitmotiv and AlterSpark  provides the theoretical background and templates for evaluators wishing to carry out a Basic Efficiency Resource analysis.


  • 1.1 Evaluation Challenges  1
  • 1.2 The BER Solution 2
  • 2. Theoretical Foundations 3
  • 2.1 BER's Theoretical Roots 3
  • 2.2 BER Variables: Efficiency Is Output Relative To Input 3
  • 3. Practical Applications 4
  • 3.1 Selecting Units of Analysis 4
  • 3.2 Measurement Tools 5
  • 3.3 Data Types 6
  • 3.4 Visualization Approaches 7
  • 3.5 Interpretation 9
  • 4. Future work And BER Development 10


This resource was recommended to BetterEvaluation by Brian Cugelman


Cugelman B. and Otero E. (2010) Basic Efficiency Resource: A framework for measuring the relative performance of multi-unit programs. Leitmtoiv and AlterSpark

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