Conducting Mixed Methods Research

These YouTube videos feature Alan Bryman from the University of Leicester School of Management presenting at the University of Leicester Regional Summer School at Ft. Lauderdale. The lecture focuses on the use of a mixed methods approach when conducing research. It provides a step-by-step outline from writing research questions through to writing up mixed methods research.

This is part one of a series of six videos of the lecture.  The other parts can be found at the following:


  • Distinction between qualitative and quantitative research
  • The rise of qualitative research
  • The paradigm wars
  • The rise of mixed options research
  • Linking mixed options to research questions
  • Research questions more generally
  • Rationales for doing mixed options research
  • Integrating mixed options data
  • Writing up mixed options research


Bryman, A. (Presenter). (2010). Conducting mixed methods research pt.1 w/ Alan Bryman. [Web Video]. Retrieved from

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