Developing and Using Program Logic in Natural Resource Management

This guide, from Dr Alice Roughley of the Australian Government Land and Coasts (AGLC), outlines a step-by-step process for developing program logic in the context of natural resource management (NRM). The guide is intended to support trainers in program logic or NRM organisations to develop program logic for a specific program or project.


  • Program Logic Definitions and context
  • Getting started – program logic principles and how to run a program logic workshop
  • Building a program logic
  • Tools:
  • Worksheet 1: Evidence
  • Worksheet 2: Outcomes hierarchy with assumptions documented
  • Worksheet 3: Risks
  • Worksheet 4: Evaluation questions and stakeholders
  • Checklist 1: Scoping
  • Checklist 2: Outcomes hierarchy
  • Checklist 3: Articulating and documenting assumptions
  • Checklist 4: Evaluation questions


Roughley, A. Australian Government Land and Coasts, Program Performance MERI. (2009). Developing and using program logic in natural resource management. Retrieved from website:

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