Evaluation Step-by-Step Guide

This paper, developed by the Victorian Government's former Department of Planning and Community Development, and now available here,  provides a step-by-step guide to the process of conducting an evaluation in order to ensure that a project or program has met its objectives.

The guide breaks the process down into four easy steps which come with worksheets, examples and checklists to support the development of a plan.


  • Thinking: Steps 1-3 start the process by helping you to think about   what you want to get out of your evaluation.
  • Planning: Steps 4-7 assist you in developing an Evaluation Plan that   will guide all your evaluation activities.
  • Collecting: Steps 8-10 will help you to collect the information you need, develop your budget and timelines and consider the relevant ethical issues surrounding your evaluation.
  • Communicating: Step 11 helps to you to ensure that your evaluation results are used.
  • Contracting: Additional information on getting the most out of a contractor.
  • DPCD Evaluations: Products generated by DPCD evaluations
  • Further Resources: Additional advice on evaluating your project or program.


Pope, J., & Jolly, P. Department of Planning and Community Development, (2008). Evaluation step-by-step guide. Retrieved from website: http://www.dhs.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0011/769943/Evaluation-...

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