Facilitator's source book: Source book for facilitators leading theory of change development sessions

This guide, authored by Dana Taplin and Muamer Rasic for ActKnowledge, provides detailed guidance on facilitating theory of change workshops. It details information on facilitator preparation and various activities that can be undertaken during the sessions to provide participants with knowledge and understanding of theory of change practice.


"A Theory of Change is an organization’s “theory”, or story, of how it will make change in the world. A theory explains the group’s beliefs about how change will unfold. The fundamental component of a Theory of Change is the pathway of change diagram of: 1) Your intended impact on the world, and how communities will be different because of your work - called outcomes; and 2) Outcomes are arranged in a “causal” pathway of change. Most outcomes are also preconditions - they are necessary before outcomes farther up the chain can be achieved. This is a source book for experienced facilitators on facilitating the process of developing a Theory of Change." Taplin & Rasic 2012)


  • Facilitator Preparation
  • One or More Face-to-Face Sessions
  • Long-term Outcome
  • Backwards Mapping
  • Assumptions and Interventions
  • Capturing the Group's Work Between Meetings
  • When Do You Stop the Backwards-mapping Process?
  • Defining Indicators
  • Writing the Narrative
  • Visual Analysis/Quality Review
  • ToC Lite


Taplin, D. H., & Rasic, M. ActKnowledge, (2012). Facilitator's source book: Source book for facilitators leading theory of change development sessions. Retrieved from website: http://seachangecop.org/node/2795

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