Future Search Conferencing

This paper from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) describes the rationale behind future conferencing and outlines a common approach to creating a successful agenda for implementation. 

"In today's ever more interdependent yet polarized societies, building shared understanding of and achieving multiparty action on complex issues is certainly not straightforward. But it is harder to achieve it using conventional, problem-centered interventions. Future search conferencing can catalyze the transition from bureaucratic to learning organizations. It is a human process that takes decisive steps toward informed; democratic, meaning, non-coercive; and reflective enterprise." (Serrat, 2012)


Serrat, O. Asian Development Bank, (2012). Future search conferencing (September 2012 | 120). Retrieved from website: http://www.adb.org/sites/default/files/pub/2012/future-search-conferenci...

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