Monitoring and evaluating advocacy: lessons from Oxfam GB's Climate Change campaign

This article from Development in Practice analyses Oxfam GB's attempts to monitor and evaluate a global advocacy campaign. 

"The experience suggests that while some ‘traditional’ elements of M&E are helpful in advocacy work, a greater focus on light, real-time monitoring systems is necessary. The findings highlight the organisational as well as methodological challenges of integrating M&E into advocacy campaigns: without a culture that rewards reflection and learning, improvements in staff capacities or data-collection systems will not be sustained. Indeed, the process of improving M&E practice mirrors that of an advocacy campaign itself, requiring analysis of power relations, opportunities, and constraints; monitoring of progress; and adapting plans on the basis of on-going learning. Finally, the article suggests possible ways forward, based on experience."


Starling, S. (2010). Monitoring and evaluating advocacy: lessons from Oxfam GB's climate change campaign. Development in Practice, 20(2), 277-286. Retrieved from

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