Mobile Data Collection Systems A review of the current state of the field

This research provides a review of mobile data collection software systems, projects, and initiatives existing in 2011.

"In order to accomplish this, NOMAD undertook the following tasks:

  • Build a matrix of analysis for mobile data collection systems currently available for use in humanitarian relief interventions.
  • Review the use of MDCS and successful experiences, potential, gaps and limitations, specifically for data collection speed, analysis and reporting. Selection of most promising application and tools.
  • Model and build a decision tree to facilitate choice and use of MDCS according to different operational contexts." (Jung 2011)


  • Defining Mobile Data Collection  
  • Basic Components of a MDCS
  • Research Methodology
  • Research Findings
  • Tool Review
  • Grouping the Tools
  • Active Development and User Communities
  • Technical Complexity and Ease of Setup
  • Appropriateness for Rapid Assessments
  • Development of the Web Decision Tool
  • Maintaining the Research for the Future
  • Conclusions
  • Synopses of Key MDCS
  • Imogene
  • Open Data Kit
  • KoBo
  • FrontlineSMS
  • RapidSMS
  • ViewWorld
  • Souktel AidLink
  • Nokia Data Gathering
  • EpiSurveyor


Jung, C. NOMAD, (2011). Mobile data collection systems a review of the current state of the field. Retrieved from website:

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