Qualitative Methods in Rapid Turn-Around Health Services Research

This video presentation by Alison B. Hamilton for the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) focuses on qualitative study design, data collection, and fundamentals of data analysis. The presentation uses examples from a VA women's health services project in order to demonstrate how the rapid collection of data can be used generate findings that could be used immediately.

The video presentation includes a downloadable handout of the slides which can be accessed here: PDF Handout


Hamilton, A. B. (2013). Qualitative Methods in Rapid Turn-Around Health Services Research, VA Women's Health Research Network. Retrieved from: http://www.hsrd.research.va.gov/for_researchers/cyber_seminars/archives/video_archive.cfm?SessionID=780

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Hannah W

The link to the video presentation is loading an error. Does anyone have a link that works?

SimonDavies's picture
Simon Davies

Hi Hannah

It appears that the video itself is no longer available. However, you can access the audio of the presentation here and you can follow along with the pdf of the handout.

Best wishes


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