Sourcebook on results based management in the EU Structural Funds

This Sourcebook, authored by Benedict Wauters, coordinator of the Community of Practice on Results Based Management (COP RBM), provides insights and advice from leaders in the field of Results Based Management (RBM).

  • "to demystify “results” and “results based management” by making the assumptions underlying  these concepts clear. In this way, the Sourcebook intends to raise awareness that no system,  tool, method or procedure can ensure that people make “sound” decisions. However, systems  CAN make it harder for people to get together, discuss what they think they are doing and what they should be doing and act in the best intentions and to the best of their ability to do what they think is meaningful at that time. Chapters three to five are aiming at building this understanding;
  • on the other hand, it is the assumption behind the Sourcebook that systems CAN also facilitate, rather than hinder, the above. It is the ambition of this Sourcebook to provide such a system (including practical tools and methods as described in chapter 6), while remaining keenly aware of the previous point;
  • the book is also meant to provide a framework for identifying and sharing more specific practices that may already be out there." (Wauters, 2012)


Wauters, B. Community of Practice on Results Based Management (COP RBM), (2012). Sourcebook on results based management in the European structural funds. Retrieved from website:

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