Theory-Based Approaches to Evaluation: Concepts and Practices

This web page from Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat provides an outline of some of the key concepts of theory based approaches to evaluation. The general application of a variety of different approaches is discussed along with some advice on the potential applications for government agencies. 


  • Introduction
  • Context and Causation in Theory-Based Approaches
  • Theories of Change and Logic Models
  • Theory-Based Approaches to Evaluation
  • Addressing Federal Core Issues Using Theory-Based Approaches to Evaluation
  • Developing Theories of Change
  • Using Theory-Based Approaches to Make Causal Inferences
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Theory-Based Approaches to Evaluation
  • Using Theory-Based Approaches to Evaluate Cause-Effect Issues in Different Types of Interventions
  • Other Uses of Theory-Based Approaches
  • From Concept to Practice


Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (2009). Theory-Based Approaches to Evaluation: Concepts and Practices. Retrieved from:

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